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Our mattress warehouse is stocked with a wide variety of beds with mattress sets. Get the best deal and value on a new mattress. Triad Leasing has you covered with a wide selection of quality mattresses at incredible prices. Whether you're looking for a hybrid mattress, memory foam mattress, or something else, we can help you find the perfect match without compromising on value. From classic innersprings to memory foam mattresses in a box, Triad Leasing has you covered. Enjoy 3 payment options and free delivery.

Twin XL Adjustable Bed Frame

Starting at $13.20 /week*


Twin Medium Memory Foam Mattress 8"

See store for details


Queen Pillow Top Mattress 16"

Starting at $18.46 /week*


Full Medium Memory Foam Mattress 8"

Starting at $12.69 /week*


Full Firm Memory Foam Mattress 10"

Starting at $12.69 /week*


Twin XL Plush Mattress LE 12"

Starting at $8.16 /week*


Queen Firm Hybrid Mattress 14"

Starting at $18.80 /week*


Queen Firm Mattress LE

Starting at $15.60 /week*


Queen Adjustable Base Bed Frame Head Up

Starting at $12.69 /week*


Plush King Mattress

Starting at $23.04 /week*


King Hybrid Mattress Ultra Plush 12"

Starting at $16.15 /week*


Twin Hybrid Mattress Ultra Plush 12"

Starting at $12.69 /week*


Twin Mattress XL LE Plush 12"

Starting at $13.84 /week*


King Pillow Top Mattress In a Box 13"

Starting at $20.77 /week*


Full Plush Mattress In a Box

Starting at $16.61 /week*


Queen Memory Foam Mattress Chime Elite 12"

Starting at $17.30 /week*


King Ultra Plush Memory Foam Mattress14"

Starting at $20.93 /week*


Twin Firm Memory Foam Mattress 10"

Starting at $12.66 /week*


Twin Hybrid Mattress Medium 10"

Starting at $9.23 /week*


King Mattress Pillow Top 16"

Starting at $15.03 /week*


Queen Mattress Hybrid Firm 11"

Starting at $16.22 /week*


Full Mattress LE Firm

Starting at $13.84 /week*


Twin Mattress Mt Dana Plush

Starting at $15.00 /week*


Queen Mattress Mt Dana Plush

Starting at $17.90 /week*


King Pillow Top Coil Mattress 13"

Starting at $22.63 /week*


Twin Base Adjustable XL

Starting at $16.15 /week*


Full Hybrid Ultra Plush Mattress Double Bed 12"

Starting at $12.08 /week*


Queen Pillow Top Mattress 13"

Starting at $20.66 /week*


Twin Mattress LE Plush 12"

Starting at $10.96 /week*


King Plush Coil Mattress 13"

Starting at $22.63 /week*


Queen Mattress Memory Foam Ultra Plush 12" - Mattress In A Box

Starting at $13.82 /week*


Queen Adjustable Bed Base Frame

Starting at $16.16 /week*


King Mattress Hybrid Medium 12" - Mattress In A Box

Starting at $19.85 /week*


Blue Twin Mattress & Pillow

Starting at $6.95 /week*


Mattress Queen Memory Foam 14"

Starting at $20.73 /week*


King Mattress Memory Foam 12"

Starting at $16.16 /week*


Mattress in a Box 12" Hybrid - Queen Memory Foam

Starting at $15.32 /week*


Angel Dream II Pillow Top Mattress

Starting at $25.05 /week*


Angel Dream Mattress Queen Memory Foam

Starting at $22.92 /week*


Where To Buy A Mattress In Lawrence, Ottawa, & Emporia, KS

Find great deals on the mattresses you are looking for at Triad Leasing. Whether you prefer a firm or plush mattress, we've got you covered! Get the best for your money by choosing from our wide selection of mattress sets!

Looking for a mattress set that provides the perfect balance of comfort, support and affordability? Look no further than our selection of mattress sets! We carry a wide range of firm and plush mattresses, so you’re sure to find the one that fits your sleeping style and budget.

The 5 Most Common Mattress Sizes & Dimensions

Need to buy a mattress but don't know the sizes? Here's some information about the most common mattress sizes and dimensions!

Twin Size Mattress

Twin size mattresses are typically 37-38 inches wide and 74-75 inches long. It’s the smallest size mattress available, making it a great space-saving option for a small bedroom. Twin size mattresses are great for kids. We always have a nice selection of twin mattresses and youth beds in stock.

Full Size Mattress

A full size mattress is probably the most popular option for couples who don’t want to purchase a queen or king mattress. Full-size mattresses are typically 53-54 inches wide and 74-75 inches long. A full size mattress provides enough sleeping space for two people, but won’t take up as much room as a queen or king would. It’s a good space-saving option for couples.

Queen Size Mattress

Queen size mattresses may be the most popular mattress size that we offer. Queen mattress dimensions are 79-80 inches long, which gives you plenty of legroom, and 59-60 inches wide. It’s a smart choice for those who don’t have room for a king.

King Size Mattress

King size mattresses are the biggest mattress available. They measure 75-76 inches wide and 79-80 inches long. This can be great for tall people, couples who want their own sleeping space, or anyone that prefers the luxurious feeling of having more room to move around.

California King Size Mattress

California King size mattresses are 71-72 inches wide and 83-84 inches long. They’re up to 4 inches longer than a regular king size mattress, but they’re slightly narrower which can be great if you have a bedroom with limited space.

If you have any questions about the sizes of beds, feel free to give us a call or stop by. We'll gladly answer your questions.


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*The transaction advertised is a lease-purchase agreement. Ownership of leased property will not be acquired until all required lease payments have been made by lessee or an early purchase option is exercised. Example: Own it in 78 weeks for only $19.99 per week, total price paid with Lease-Purchase services after 78 weeks $1,559.22 plus tax or less if exercising an early purchase option. The “total of all payments” does not include sales tax or other charges (such as late fees) that you may incur. Product availability may vary per store. Free-rent offers will not reduce total rent or purchase-option amounts. Ownership is optional. Lease-purchase agreements provide services that are not available to retail customers. Agreement requires verification of residence, income and three personal references, some applicants may not qualify. Delivery and set-up are included and Triad Leasing services and maintains the merchandise while on rent. Some special offers will not reduce the overall cost to own. See store manager for complete details.

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