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Ashley Mattress & Mattress Sets

Take Advantage of 3 Payment Options & Free Delivery Offered by Triad Leasing.

Take the hassle out of shopping for a mattress. Find the perfect Ashley mattress at Triad Leasing. With great prices and a variety of mattress types and comfort levels, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Get ready to enjoy relaxing nights of comfortable sleep with a new Ashley mattress.

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Twin Mattress XL LE Plush 12"

Starting at $8.71 /week*


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Full Hybrid Mattress Medium 10"

Starting at $12.64 /week*


furniture image

Full Memory Foam Mattress Elite Plush 12"

Starting at $16.30 /week*


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King Hybrid Ultra Plush Mattress 12"

Starting at $18.48 /week*


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Queen Memory Foam Mattress Medium 12"

Starting at $17.09 /week*


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King Hybrid Firm Mattress 12"

Starting at $21.66 /week*


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Twin Hybrid Mattress 12"

Starting at $11.53 /week*


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Twin Medium Memory Foam Mattress 8"

Starting at $11.63 /week*


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Full Medium Memory Foam Mattress 8"

Starting at $12.69 /week*


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Full Firm Memory Foam Mattress 10"

Starting at $12.69 /week*


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Twin XL Plush Mattress LE 12"

Starting at $8.16 /week*


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Queen Firm Mattress LE

Starting at $15.60 /week*


furniture image

Plush King Mattress

Starting at $23.04 /week*


furniture image

King Pillow Top Mattress In a Box 13"

Starting at $20.77 /week*


furniture image

Twin Firm Memory Foam Mattress 10"

Starting at $10.19 /week*


furniture image

Full Mattress LE Firm

Starting at $13.84 /week*


furniture image

Twin Mattress Mt Dana Plush

Starting at $15.00 /week*


furniture image

Twin Base Adjustable XL

Starting at $16.15 /week*


furniture image

Queen Mattress Memory Foam Ultra Plush 12" - Mattress In A Box

Starting at $14.11 /week*


furniture image

Queen Adjustable Bed Base Frame

Starting at $16.16 /week*


furniture image

Blue Twin Mattress & Pillow

Starting at $6.95 /week*


furniture image

Mattress Queen Memory Foam 14"

Starting at $19.11 /week*


furniture image

King Mattress Memory Foam 12"

Starting at $16.16 /week*


Ashley Furniture Mattresses - Comfort and Support for a Better Sleep

Get more restful sleep with an Ashley Mattress. Our mattress selection offers the latest innovations in comfort and support.

If you're looking for restful sleep, look no further than an Ashley mattress from Triad Leasing. We carry a wide selection of innovative mattress designs. Come in to discover the latest innovations in mattresses from Ashley Sleep today!

Explore Ashley Furniture Comfort Levels and Layer Combinations

Ashley Furniture mattresses are designed with multiple layers of comfort, offering a range of comfort levels, firmness, and support. Comfort levels range from plush and ultra plush to medium and firm. Layer combinations may include gel memory foam, breathable fabrics, soft foam comfort layers, cooling memory foam technology, and supportive pocketed coils for edge support. Let our knowledgable staff help you select an Ashley mattress to fit your body and sleep style.

Determine the Level of Support Needed for Comfort

Choosing a mattress that offers the proper support for your body is essential for a good night’s sleep. Ashley Sleep mattresses are designed to provide comfort and support by targeting areas of the body that require additional pressure relief and cushioning. There are multiple levels of comfort and support available for all sleep preferences and positions.

Consider Motion Transfer Technology To Reduce Partner Disturbances

Motion Transfer Technology can reduce partner disturbance with specialized coils and foam layers that absorb energy and motion, isolating it so it doesn’t disturb your significant other. Ashley mattress models are designed to minimize motion transfer and offer great support, letting you sleep peacefully and undisturbed.

Learn About Ashley Mattress Temperature Regulation Benefits

Temperature regulation is an important factor in achieving a comfortable night’s sleep. Ashley mattresses are equipped with temperature regulation materials that can reduce body heat and regulate a comfortable sleep temperature. Breathable foam layers provide cooling airflow. Moisture-wicking technology helps to keep you cool throughout the night.


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