ACH Payments. Avoid making late or missed payments.

Triad Leasing offers several payment options including ACH payments.  You can take control of your payments by choosing to use our ACH payment option which helps you avoid making late or missed payments.   Your payments will automatically be transferred safely, securely, directly from your bank account on the scheduled due date.  ACH payments are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House Network.  Using ACH instead of using a paper check or debit card can reduce errors and speed things up.   With your ACH payments set up at your local Triad Leasing store, there’s no need to write checks and get them in the mail on time.  Your payments are made on autopilot, letting you focus on the important things in life, like your home and family.  Setting up your ACH payment at your local Triad Leasing store is quick and easy.  Just tell any member of our friendly staff that you’d like to set up ACH payments.  We’re happy to help you.   You can also make payments by phone by calling your local Triad Leasing store.   You can also visit us online at to make a secure payment online.

Or you can choose our favorite!  You can stop by your local Triad Leasing store to say “Hello” and make your payment at our sales counter.  We enjoy seeing you and we welcome the chance to serve you.

When you rent to own or lease to own furniture, TVs, computers and other great products from Triad Leasing, you can make your payment with cash, check, credit or debit card, by phone, on the web, automatically with ACH Payments, or in person at our store.  Our friendly staff is ready to explain your options and answer your questions.

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