Mattress Buying Tip – Firm, Plush or Pillow-Top?

Here’s a mattress buying tip from your local Triad Leasing furniture store.  Before shopping for a new mattress, it would be wise to consider the differences between firm, plush and pillow-top models.   It’s easy to think these terms are all about the level of support the mattress provides, but they’re indicators of comfort too.  Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper?  If you’re a stomach or back sleeper, a firm mattress can keep your back straight while providing a comfortable night’s sleep.  Firm mattresses are covered with a layer of cushioning, but not as soft as some other models.  Plush mattresses offer approximately one to four additional inches of foam.  People who sleep on their sides might benefit from the extra comfort of a plush mattress.  The padding can provide cushion and pressure relief for the shoulder, arm and hip when you’re lying on your side.  Pillow-top mattresses are the softest options available.  Pillow top mattresses contain an attached pad on the top of the mattress so they usually feel even softer than the plush.  People who sleep on their sides and back, but enjoy a really soft feel, may want to consider a Pillow Top model.  When shopping for a mattress, the best advice we can offer here at Triad Leasing is to talk freely with our staff so we can direct you to a firmness that best fits your body and sleep style.  Don’t hesitate to lie down and test out the many bed floor models you’ll find when you shop at Triad Leasing.  This is one of the best ways to find the mattress style that suits you best.  Lease-purchasing a new bed from Triad Leasing let’s you have the opportunity to try it before you buy it.  You can upgrade to a different model at any time during the term of your lease agreement.  We have a great selection of twin, full, queen and king size beds including rent to own mattresses and rent to own beds.  We even have a great selection of kids bunk beds.  See your local Triad Leasing store for details and feel free to share this mattress buying tip when your friends ask Firm, Plush or Pillow-Top?

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